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Nitron Overview

Nitron Circle of Experts provides our clients – investment funds, corporations, and law firms – with access to a network of frontline industry experts. Clients use our experts for industry research and for expert witness testimony. We identify deeply knowledgeable industry experts relevant to our clients’ specific research inquiries and arrange for phone consultations, in-person meetings, written analyses, and other means of sharing expertise directly from experts to clients. Our process is fast, selective, and highly attuned to our clients’ individual research interests. The experts are members of, or invited to join, our professional network: Nitron Circle of Experts.

Global and Cross-sector Reach
We work with experts and clients from across the globe including the Americas, Europe, The Middle East, and Asia, and across all industry sectors. Our clients particularly value the access we provide to experts in emerging markets including India and China. We also provide experts to select journalists as sources for articles. Nitron Circle of Experts is headquartered in New York City, with additional research centers in India and China.

A Comprehensive Approach to Research for Your Organization
Nitron Circle of Experts is a part of the Evalueserve family of companies. Evalueserve is a leader in providing custom research solutions. With over 1,600 employees conducting business research, market research, investment research, data analytics, and intellectual property engagements, Evalueserve’s world-class analyses combine “direct from the field” insights with inputs from members of Nitron Circle of Experts. Together, we

  • Provide our clients the deepest, most comprehensive, and cost-effective approach to understand markets, companies, business processes, and technologies
  • Provide our experts with a variety of intellectually stimulating, convenient, and financially rewarding projects

Experienced and Discreet Experts
Founded in 2003, Nitron works for some of the world’s top 10 hedge, mutual and private equity funds, top 10 investment banks, Fortune 500 companies, and top 10 private equity funds. Our team has combined the best practices from their executive experience in strategy consulting, investment banking, recruiting, and online communities to tailor our service to the most demanding research requirements and the most senior, knowledgeable, and influential experts. We treat the privacy of our clients and experts seriously, so names and requirements are withheld until the point of scheduling a project between parties. We also carefully monitor our staff and processes to adhere to regulatory compliance requirements in all the jurisdictions in which we operate.

Independent Opinions
Nitron is solely focused on arranging direct expert access for our clients. Our staff do not write reports or make financial or legal recommendations; nor do we trade or invest in financial markets. Our experts are informed and able to determine whether there is a strong fit between their backgrounds and questions being asked, but are never obligated to consult. We are motivated only by finding the best possible experts for our clients’ immediate needs.