“In addition to helping investors make important decisions, I market my company through my consultations at the Circle of Experts. Interestingly, when I was asked by Nitron whether I knew of other solid players in my field, I suggested friends and associates and was paid to introduce them. I have yet to find other opportunities for strengthening my network efficiently and effectively.”

—Joe Kane
Director of Operations, Sunnyvale Fluid System Technologies

Circle of Experts

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Computer Software and Services Circle of Experts Application

**If you are already a member of the Circle of Experts, please do not re-regsiter.

The Nitron Advisors Computer Software and Services Circle of Experts is a network of professionals involved in the design, development, and marketing of support systems and application software. Members include experts in services related to personal computers, servers, embedded systems, consumer and business software and other areas of information technology. In addition, this Circle includes individuals specializing in consulting, distribution, installation, maintenance and support within the computer software and services sector.

If you have any questions or problems, please feel free to contact ExpertQuestions@NitronAdvisors.com. Please fill out this application form in detail. The more specifics that you provide, the more efficiently we can match you with clients interested in your specific area of expertise.

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