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Integrity Research Names Evalueserve Circle of Experts 2008 Top Pick as Asia/ Emerging Market Specialist Expert Network
On Sourcing Deals for Private Equity Funds
 Wednesday, 26 March 2008
Integrity Research Names Evalueserve Circle of Experts 2008 Top Pick as Asia/ Emerging Market Specialist Expert Network

I'm happy to report that Integrity Research, the leading research firm that analyzes the investment research industry, has named Evalueserve Circle of Experts the 2008 Top Pick as Asia/ Emerging Market Specialist Expert Network.  We've only been part of Evalueserve for one year, so we're very happy to quickly see public recognition for the value that we've created.  One of the rationales for the merger was the opportunity it gave Circle of Experts to quickly gain access to Evalueserve's emerging markets infrastructure, particularly in Asia.


I have attached the full press release below.


Press Release


Integrity Research Names Evalueserve Circle of Experts 2008 Top Pick as Asia/ Emerging Market Specialist Expert Network


Evalueserve Circle of Experts has been selected as 2008 Top Pick for Boutique Asia/ Emerging Markets Expert Network Specialist by Integrity Research, one of the most influential firms analyzing the investment research industry. This honor comes one year after the acquisition of the Circle of Experts, formerly known as Nitron Advisors, LLC, by Evalueserve, one of the largest global providers of offshore investment research support services.


The Circle of Experts is strong in all industries in the Emerging Markets. We leverage the intellectual capital that Evalueserve has developed in executing over 10,000 projects for over 1,100 clients, including 7 of the top 12 investment banks and 10 of the top 15 strategy consulting firms.


Evalueserve has dedicated operations centers in India, China, and Chile and is well-positioned to service clients on these markets. Evalueserve is also setting up a new operations centre in Romania in early 2008, in order to provide local coverage of European markets.


Integrity Research evaluated the twenty-five leading expert networks on six different metrics: their ability to source experts, the skill with which they match the appropriate experts with client requests, additional services such as market research or conferences, the firm’s key compliance principles to prevent the misuse of proprietary non-public information, customer satisfaction, and overall network usage.


Integrity surveyed hedge funds and long only investors to better understand how they use expert networks, which networks they prefer, and why. The survey helped Integrity Research evaluate each expert network, and also understand the dynamics of the expert network industry itself. You can read a summary of the survey at http://secure.integrity-research.com/imageweb/executivesummary-expertnetworks.pdf and purchase the entire study at http://www.integrity-research.com/retailReport.


About Evalueserve

Evalueserve provides custom research and analytics services to companies worldwide including Investment Research, Market Research, Business Research, Data & Financial Analytics, Intellectual Property and Legal Process Services, plus access to a global network of domain experts through Evalueserve Circle of Experts. The firm was founded by IBM and McKinsey alumni, and has completed over 12,000 client engagements. The firm currently has over 2,200 professionals located in research centres in Chile, India, China and New York. Evalueserve’s Client Executives are located in most major business and financial centres globally – from Silicon Valley to Sydney. For more details, visit www.evalueserve.com.


About Evalueserve Circle of Experts

Evalueserve Circle of Experts (www.CircleofExperts.com) provides its clients direct access to a global network of frontline industry experts across the Americas, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East. With its focus on emerging markets and dedicated operations centers, Evalueserve Circle of Experts has an unparalleled panel in India and China. The Circle comprises executives, scientists, academics, consultants, and regulatory observers who can deliver fast and precise solutions to client issues through private telephone consultations, customized surveys, and in-person meetings. Evalueserve identifies leading experts across all major industries and presents them to our clients.


About Integrity Research

Integrity Research Associates, LLC is an information and solutions provider specializing in the investment research industry. Integrity’s primary clients are institutional investors that use Integrity’s services to find new research providers and monitor existing ones. Integrity’s analysts cover over 1,600 research firms in the U.S., Europe and Asia—research providers that no other source can offer. Integrity Research is the only firm which tracks the entire research industry, including nontraditional research, boutiques and research-related data, software and analytics. Integrity covers primary research firms and other alternative research firms which offer unique investment insights.




Although the information contained in this article has been obtained from sources believed to be reliable, the author and Evalueserve disclaim all warranties as to the accuracy, completeness or adequacy of such information. Evalueserve shall have no liability for errors, omissions or inadequacies in the information contained herein or for interpretations thereof.






EVS Media Relations Tel: +91 124 4154000 pr(at)evalueserve.com


New York:

David Teten

Tel: +1-212-682-5875




Author: David Teten
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