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We provide corporate clients worldwide access to industry professionals with deep knowledge about your industry. You can learn from senior industry executives, customers, suppliers, competitors, academics, investors, and regulatory observers. We facilitate organizing telephone calls and in-person meetings with “custom-fit” experts. These consultations often are scheduled on just several days notice (and sometimes faster), so that you receive real-time trusted expert opinions.

What Value Do We Add to Your Business Decisions

  • Depth of Knowledge – You can supplement your internal knowledge with our highly specific, senior and field-level perspective. Their expertise helps you gain fresh insights and understand the latest industry trends.
  • Breadth of Knowledge – You can access industry-specific experts spanning across all the major verticals. This includes experts with varied backgrounds including major players in the value chain, industry observers, and academics. We have a global geographical reach with a special focus on the US and emerging markets, such as India and China.
  • Speed of Delivery – We provide you with “best fit” experts with just a few days notice by using our existing expert network and technology-driven search processes.
  • Confidentiality and Compliance – Your research needs and findings are strictly confidential between you and the expert. As a private and independent company, we maintain an uncompromising adherence to confidentiality and compliance standards to protect your interests.
  • Comprehensive Research Solutions – You gain access to research and analysis backed by expert opinions through synergies of our network of experts with Evalueserve’s dedicated team of analysts.
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Evalueserve Circle of Experts Advantage

What Differentiates Us from Traditional Consultants

  • Source of Data – We provide you with insights from senior executives with decades of experience, instead of requiring you to pay a team of recent MBAs to learn about your business.
  • Duration – Our experts can typically provide information on very short notice, instead of taking months to get up to speed on your business.
  • Cost-effective – We provide you with valuable expert opinions at a reasonable cost as compared to the higher fees typically charged by traditional consultants.
  • Confidentiality – Only you and a senior expert discuss your business questions. With a traditional consulting firm, your confidential needs must be disclosed to a large team, and that information can then leak throughout the entire organization.
  • Internal Visibility of a Project – Because of project management and knowledge transfer activities involved in working with a traditional consultant, everyone at your firm knows that you are hiring an outside consultant. Evalueserve Circle of Experts offers a more discreet alternative.

How You Can Work with Us

  • Project-based Model – Evalueserve Circle of Experts drafts the project workflow for the specific project based on client specifications, provides expert services, and concludes the order.
  • Retainer Model – The client determines the number of requests they expect to complete per quarter. The fixed cost for a particular quarter is decided, and as and when the client sends the requests, the client specifications are prepared and expert services are provided.

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