Evalueserve Circle of Experts
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Are you a small-cap or mid-cap company seeking to increase institutional investor interest and excitement about your firm?

Evalueserve Circle of Experts is uniquely positioned to help you. We are the only expert network research firm to be a member of The National Research Exchange (NRE), the originator of Intermediated ResearchSM. We educate institutional investors on your behalf about your company.

Our process is as follows:

1) A company seeking to increase institutional investor awareness hires NRE to provide Intermediated ResearchSM coverage. While public companies may engage NRE directly as a “sponsor” of coverage, managing underwriters, institutional investors, and advisory firms may be sponsors as well. They can do this on the behalf of a client company or to generate interest in one of their portfolio companies.

2) The NRE, in turn, pays several independent research providers, including (but not limited to) Evalueserve Circle of Experts, to provide coverage for the company. Evalueserve Circle of Experts will introduce some of its prominent institutional investor clients to members of the Evalueserve Circle of Experts who have insight into the company.

3) Evalueserve experts can comment on questions, such as the competitive landscape, economic models, and operational processes in the sector, product/service quality as perceived by customers, etc. These insights are shared through one-to-one calls, in-person meetings, or small events involving the expert and the institutional clients. The number and frequency of advisory sessions with investors can range from one to an ongoing relationship.

4) Evalueserve Circle of Experts pays members of the Circle of Experts for their time and contributions.

The NRE’s proprietary platforms enable equity issuers and investment banks to systematically evaluate the competitive landscape of banking and research providers in order to mitigate the risks inherent in public offerings and ensure sufficient aftermarket research coverage. Their patent-pending technologies help companies to secure greater visibility and liquidity in the public markets, thereby lowering the cost of capital and improving shareholder value. Visit ResearchExchange.com for more information.

Evalueserve Circle of Experts and the NRE have recently spoken at several investment industry events about the changing landscape for independent research. The members spoke together at the New York Society of Security Analysts and the World Hedge Funds Summit.