Evalueserve Circle of Experts
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Why Join

Evalueserve Circle of Experts provides you a unique opportunity to share your expertise and knowledge and get paid, in return, for your valuable insights.

As an expert in Evalueserve Circle of Experts you

  • interact with premier decision makers and professional investors
  • work on strategic and thought-provoking projects
  • work at your convenience
  • are compensated well for your consultation within two weeks of participation; your hourly rate is determined on the basis of your experience level, specialized knowledge, current insights, and academic training
  • also are compensated for introducing qualified colleagues
...and last, but not the least,
  • membership of Evalueserve Circle of Experts is absolutely free
All counsel and research that you provide are completely optional. Our services are designed for convenient participation by busy professionals and academics. Your time commitment may range from phone calls to a number of full-day consultations. You may communicate with our clients in many different ways:
  • Confidential Telephone Consultation: Typically 10-40 minutes, which might exceed as per project requirements (subject to your consent)
  • Brief Online Questionnaires: Typically 10 minutes; you can remain anonymous or disclose your name
  • Presentations: At high-profile industry seminars worldwide
  • Expert Witnesses: In critical cases in the court of law
  • Proposals and Research Reports: As per client requirements
The worldwide Circle of Experts includes industry leaders with training from
  • Premier Corporations and Fast-growing Mid-Cap Companies
  • Institutions: National Institutes of Health, Electronic Retailing Association, IEEE, National Science Foundation
  • Leading Universities: Columbia, Universities of Chicago, Dartmouth, Harvard, Yale, INSEAD, MIT, IIT, IIM