Evalueserve Circle of Experts
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“By talking with a Nitron Advisors expert, our…conversation led to north of a million dollar profit…”


Hedge & Mutual Funds
Ever-More-Perfect Efficiency of Markets
Investors need unique, creative, and frontline insights to differentiate themselves from their competition. Regulation FD, regarding fair and equal disclosure of investment-related information in the United States, makes the management’s proclamations a commodity instantly priced into the market. Traditional research methods give investors data only after it has passed through many pairs of hands. Evalueserve Circle of Experts acts as an intermediary that cuts out the traditional middlemen -- sell-side research analysts, journalists, research firms, etc.

Traditional Producers of Research Heavily Conflicted
A study by TheMarkets.com and Sapient reveals, “The buy side prefers to get its information via direct industry access…the majority of the buy side does not look to the sell side for investment ideas”.1 Recent sell-side research scandals have dramatically publicized this problem.

Time Pressure on Buy-side Analysts
These analysts do not have the time to read hundreds of pages of industry background. The best way to manage the daily data deluge is to work with a guide who can directly answer the most difficult questions. A good expert is a Sherpa who can help you zoom in on the most important news in the industry.

1 Source: “Listening to the Buy Side: Tactics for Delivering Value”, TheMarkets.com/Sapient, June 2002