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How to Write a Highly Effective Resume

Nitron Advisors' Checklist for an Effective Resume, Job Application, Business School Application, or other Personal Marketing Document

Your resume should reflect all of the following:

  • Desired characteristics:
    • Unquestioned integrity
    • Interpersonal/ teamwork skills
    • Sales skills
    • Ambition/commitment to continuous personal improvement
    • Leadership/ management skills
    • Intelligence
    • Networking skills
    • Boardroom presence
    • Communication skills
    • Quantitative skills
    • Multi-tasking ability and an ability to think on ones feet
    • Willingness to work hard
    • Industry knowledge
    • Humor, "coolness"
    • Comfort with technology
    • Comfort with unstructured environment/ adaptability
    • Desire to "give back"
  • Desired areas of expertise:
    • Interpersonal and Management skills: recruiting, managing under uncertainty
    • Finance
    • Negotiations
    • Technology & Operations Management
    • Marketing
    • Competition and Strategy
    • Politics, Macroeconomics and International Relations