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Interviewer Questions

Template Approach to the Job Search Process
by Anonymous,  August 20, 2002

I. Personal Evaluation

a. Position Objectives (at least three)  

  1. CEO and President Emerging Company
  2. General Manager or President of a Division of a Larger Company
  3. Multiple Company Directorships
  4. Venture Capital Partner

b. Key Parts of Position Definition

  1. Title 
  2. Reporting structure
  3. Vision
  4. Mission
  5. Scope of the Job and Responsibilities

c. Define the Ideal Company for You

  1. Characteristics-size, profitability, desired qualities
  2. Types of products
  3. Stage of Development
d. Upgrade List of Accomplishments
  1. Your personal discussion inventory
  2. Approximately three accomplishments per position
  3. Quantify/qualify precise benefits to the companies

e. Reverse Engineering

  1. i. Personal Objectives: Location, Salary, Equity, Benefits and Other
  2. ii. Write Several Headhunter Specification Sheets
  3.  iii. Letter to the Chairman of a Company

f. Definition of New Industry Trends

  1. What are these new trends?
  2. What are the industry influences? Economics, patient care, morbidity, mortality?

g. Industry Vocabulary

  1. New
  2. Cumulative Old

II. Upgrade Job Search Knowledge

II. Review/Refresher on the Latest Job Search Techniques

  1. The Headhunter System by Ken Cole (out of print)  
  2. Rites of Passage at $100,000+, by John Lucht
  3. Perks and Parachutes, by John Tarrant  
  4. 101 Greatest Answers to the Toughest Interview Questions, by Ron Fry
  5. Cover Letters that Knock?em Dead by Martin Yate
  1. CareerXRoads 2002 by Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler
  2. Resumes in Cyberspace by Pat Criscito  
  3. Internet Job Search Almanac by Adams Media Corporation

Job Search Channels

Targeting of Companies, Search Consultants, Researchers, and Venture Capitalists ?Direct Mail Channels!? Use the electronic versions.

a. D&B companies by SIC codes  

  1. Large
  2. Small

b. Recruiting and Search Reports

  1. Search consultant Lists  
  2. Researcher Lists

c. Gallante?s Guide to Venture Capitalists

IV. Direct Mail: 5,000 Total

  1. Develop one page compelling, concise/comprehensive letter
  2. Complete mass mailing to all channels simultaneously
  3. Arrange for Voicemail drop
  4. Study companies and respond to telephone inquiries
  5. Provide resume when asked for the same
  6. Process changes the dynamics of the job search process, that is, ?You become the hunted!?

V. Networking

  1. Join one to three networking organizations (maximum): IERG, Exec-U-Net, SENG
  2. Actively participate
  3. Share your background
  4. Contribute to the organization
  5. Help as many people as possible!!!

VI. Internet Interface

  1. Identify/qualify lead executive search sites
  2. Input resume and other relevant information as necessary
  3. Qualify interests as much as possible
  4. Develop periodic follow-up mechanism


Sample Internet Databases and Follow-up Program


ID and Password


























Executive Forum







Net Share







Medical Device







Job Search Engine USA

None, just connects to job sites







None, resume posted












Garage Jobs

ID ...



























Sample Network Follow-up Form

Network Contact Form



Tel#_____________ FAX#:_____________ E-Mail___________

Results of the Contact:___________________________________________________________________

Other Recommendations, Purpose of Contacts, E-Mails, Tel #s:

Follow-up Required, Date:
______________________________________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________

VII. Upgrade All Job Search Tools

a. Resume design

b. Two minute drill

c. Job Search Networking Profile

d. Key Senior Executive Internet Sites

 i. Submit resume or profile

 ii. Join if necessary ? Exec-U-Net, NetShare

 iii. Premium package if judged worthwhile?


VIII. Upgrade Interview Skills

a. Anticipate and Prepare Key Questions ? ?Leadership is the key!?

i. For Telephone interviews

ii. For ?face to face? interviews

b. Rehearse the Interview Process

VII. Assure all references in place, available and willing

Qualify and track all leads

  1. Key contacts and contact points
  2. Results each step of the process
  3. Define next steps and target dates
  4. When you see you are desired, then keep the process moving crisply

Close on the Opportunity

Close the first interview

Follow-up on the interview e-mail, letter with relevant comments

Close on second interview

If all goes well than begin mutual due diligence process

  1. Sign NDA
  2. Review everything in detail as much as the Board, Company will permit
  3. Remember better to uncover the skeletons before you accept/begin a new assignment Strong need to LISTEN and probe during the total interview process whether with the head hunter or the corporate client. One needs to probe (Do you have a position you are recruiting for now?);  Get as many face cards as possible.

Possible Head Hunter Questions to Expose Face Cards

  1. Size of the Company?
  2. Location?
  3. Kinds of products and the stage of development?
  4. Identities of the investors?
  5. Board of directors identity?
  6. What are the investors and the board looking to accomplish?
  7. What happened to the previous CEO and President
  8. Is this a retained search?
  9. When are they looking to fill the position
  10. What are the compensation ranges? Salary? Bonus? Equity?
  11. Is there a job specification you can share with me?

Tips for Winning over at the Interview:

  1. Do your homework
  2. Demonstrate experience and exude confidence.
  3. Be humble
  4. Appear firm, but not dictatorial
  5. As appropriate talk about how you have grown in each position that you have held
  6. Admit to failures and how you have learned from them
  7. Showcase the successes
  8. Be honest
  9. Introduce only the positive.
  10. Closing on the Opportunity

IX. Negotiations

  1. Study all relevant documentation surrounding the Company and compensation of their current executives
  2. Find and review compensation of executives in comparable companies
  3. Design an acceptable contract template and terms
  4. Use the services of a ?background? mediator
  5. Finalize legal review only when generally satisfied with the contract

X. Start work and enjoy myself, because I did my homework!

XI. Mistakes to Date in This Process

  1. Overconfidence the job market has changed
  2. Thought I had a position in July 2002 and took my eye off the ball
  3. Not working hard enough as finding the correct job is a fulltime job