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Event Sites

List of Sites Listing Events Worth Attending

Sites with New York tri-state area events

  • Alley Events: www.alleyevent.com
  • City of New York: http://www.nyc.org
  • Downtown Alliance: www.downtownny.com
  • Manhattan Chamber of Commerce: www.manhattancc.org
  • New York Business Forums: www.nybusinessforums.com
  • NYNMA - www.nynma.org
  • T/Bex mailing list - tbexlist@DowntownNY.com
  • WWWAC List - wwwac.org
  • Cornell Club: cen.cornell.edu
  • For a lengthy monthly list of New Jersey events, contact Roy W. Hibberd , Hibberd's List, 1 Vista Court, Englishtown, NJ 07726, 732-625-0755 , Hibbs01@aol.com
  • www.clubfreetime.com
Calendars & Industry Events

(Source: Larry Wilson (650) 595-2696 Lwilson747@yahoo.com)

  • WorkIt (for startups): www.workit.com/
  • Broadband Wireless World Forum: www.broadband-wireless.com
  • CeBit: www.cebit.de
  • Comdex: www.comdex.com
  • CTI Expo: www.ctexpo.com
  • eBusiness Expo: www.ebusinessexpo.com
  • Huan Yuan Science & Technology Association - 2002 Conference: www.huayuan.org/event.htm
  • IEEE - GRID (Calendar of Events): www.ee.com/grid/grid01.02/sum.htm
  • IEEE Communications Society Industry News Cache (email update): www.comsoc.org/inc
  • In & Around the Valley (Churchill Club - email events newsletter): Chrchll@BenjaminGroup.com
  • Internet World (events calendar): www.internetworld.com/events
  • Linux World: www.linuxworldexpo.com
  • Microsoft - Northern California news & events: www.microsoft.com/usa/norcal
  • Networld & Interop: www.interop.com
  • Oracle World Conference: www.oracle.com/start/openworld/oow_sf.html?src=668068&Act=72
  • Palm Source (Developers Conference): www.palmsource.com
  • RSA Security Conference: www.rsasecurity.com/events
  • Santa Clara Convention Center: santaclara.org/convention.html
  • San Francisco Moscone Center: www.moscone.com
  • San Jose Convention Center: www.sjcc.com
  • Silicon Valley Chinese Wireless Association (SVCWA): www.svcwireless.org/programs.htm
  • Silicon Valley Technology & Homeland Security Summit: www.svtechsummit.com
  • Software Development Forum (Events Outlook - email subscription): events-request@sdforum.org
  • SuperComm (TIA): www.supercomm2001.com
  • SuperNet - Broadband: www.supernet2002.com
  • Telecomm - ITU: www.itu.int/ITUTELECOM
  • Wireless Advantage (c/o Symbol Technologies): www.wirelessadvantage2001.com
  • Wireless CTIA 2001: www.ctiashow.com
  • Wireless Forum: www.intmediaevents.com/ewf/spring02/index.html
  • Wireless Systems: www.wirelesssystems2002.com
  • World Economic Forum: www.weforum.org
California Events Newsletter

In case this is your first issue...Networking QUEST is a bi-monthly newsletter which includes a very comprehensive list of Bay Area Business oriented networking events along with marketing, networking, and business management tidbits. It is published by Laurel Pine, Principal of LP: QUEST.

To be removed from this list, or added to it, please e-mail Laurel Pine at laurel@lpquest.com or lpquest@aol.com. Feel free to forward this at your discretion. You may also inform me of business networking events that you would like to see included on this list.

Happy Networking!

Laurel Pine
Principal, LP: QUEST

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