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“In addition to helping investors make important decisions, I market my company through my consultations at the Circle of Experts.”

Joe Kane
Director of Operations, Sunnyvale Fluid System Technologies

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Evalueserve - Circle of Experts Providing access to unique senior industry experts

Evalueserve Circle of Experts caters to the research and advisory needs of investment firms, corporations, and law practices by providing access to valuable insights from frontline industry experts bad credit: http://ctcloans.com/. We identify, screen, and schedule experts with our clients.

We offer a world of opportunity for experts across all business sectors and countries to share their knowledge through telephone consultations, reports, surveys, and in-person projects. The assignments are intellectually engaging and financially rewarding. There is no obligation or cost to sign up.

Our specialty is "corporate alumni" – experts with experience in senior executive roles at the premier companies in an industry – who are now consultants. Our team has built a proprietary set of technologies that allow us to speed-recruit targeted experts for our client's requirements. We leverage our broad Circle of Experts; relationships with industry associations, outplacement firms, recruiters, networking groups; and custom Web 2.0-based search and screening technology.